When strategic planning and implementation requires a specialist.

Undertaking renovations to your golf course is not something you want to leave to chance. Without someone who’s been through it before, you’re assuming those in charge won’t drop the ball. There are tremendous nuances involved in improvement projects, and just completing a renovation is not the same as receiving the best outcome — you won’t get a second chance.

Get Started!

Support from a specialist for managers, course committee members and club presidents.

There’s no such thing as a minor renovation. Every project has countless decisions to weigh and details to manage. Trust Mazzella’s years of expertise to ensure you get the outcome you envision.

  • Planning

    • Acquisition due diligence
    • Feasibility studies
    • Existing resource inventories
    • Capital improvement budgeting
    • Detailed construction estimates
    • Scope and schedule impact studies
    • Interdisciplinary coordination
    • Scope narratives
    • Cash flow forecasting
  • Procurement

    • Construction quantities
    • Project specifications
    • Contractor bid coordination
    • Vendor/product selection
    • Bid analysis
    • Contract documents
    • Pre-construction meetings
    • Member communication
  • Project Management

    • Budget vs cost tracking
    • Change order management
    • Contractor invoicing
    • Punch list management
    • Close-out docs
    • Schedule updates
    • Quality control
    • Value engineering