Expert collaboration for successful renovations.

For more than two decades, Mazzella has orchestrated new construction and renovation projects for golf courses from daily fee facilities to Major Championship venues. This deep well of experience in planning, procurement and project management is the insurance you need when your project has to meet high expectations, on time and within budget.

With more than 200 individual golf course construction and renovation projects, totaling more than $250M in improvements, Mazzella has a solid foundation for future collaborations. Our professional positions in design, engineering and construction have provided us with firsthand knowledge of diverse perspectives. It’s a formula that’s prepared Mazzella to be an industry leader and a valuable asset to any team.

  1. Planning

    Estimates and scheduling

  2. Procurement

    Vet contractors and select materials

  3. Project Management

    Management and administration

ROI for MCO’s and managers

Renovations don’t happen every day so most operations lack the experience on staff to anticipate the numerous schedule and budget-busting issues that commonly arise. With Mazzella, most projects will realize more savings in time and waste than the fee. Now that’s piece of mind.

A partner for superintendents

With Mazzella’s professional assistance, you have a reliable and experienced partner handling the time-consuming details and administration of construction management; which leaves you free to remain focused on what matters — creating optimal course conditions for your players and members.